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We got the right Therapy for you


We got the right Therapy for you

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About our Programs

Taking the first steps towards finding your balance can sometimes feel quite scary. You may have felt that something was “a bit off” with yourself, your relationship, or your kids; or that you were physically tired even though you hadn’t done much of anything; or the little voice in your head that is usually so helpful just Would. Not. Shut. Up. To be frank, taking that first step is often one of the largest parts of the solution.

But after taking that step, the experienced team at Merge Programs will work with you to hear your needs and tailor a plan that is unique to you.

We are experienced in working with a number of issues including Anxiety, Depression, couples conflict, stress management, anger management, parenting, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attentional Disorders, trauma and crisis management, body image issues, pain management and rehabilitation of both primary and secondary psychological injuries in the workplace.

Nothing of what we offer follows a set formula because the solution for you or your family will very likely be completely different to the solutions we design for our other clients. The solutions may be a combination of physical therapies and psychological interventions.

Or it may be that you take it more slowly and focus on one part of the issue at a time. Whichever pathway you take, we focus on you and adapt our evidence-based treatments so that you can be supported to find your balance.

Merge Programs runs structured group sessions to develop and implement Mindfulness-Based cognitive practices. If you would like to learn more about our programs and make an appointment just choose from our different solutions below.

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